“We are never alone. God is always with us.”

They all say that, but in times of need, do you really feel that you’re not alone? I am not questioning God or something. It’s just sometimes, when you are in pain, your thinking is being clouded by your emotions. That is when our emotions take everything. 

This is the time that we are saying that, ” I am alone, no ones there for us. My heart is breaking. I don’t know what to do. I don’t have anyone to run to. I am alone fighting for this fucking life! I hate my life! Why is it should be like this?! What have I done to receive this punishment? I am sick of this life! I don’t wanna live anymore! God why are you doing this to me?”

Questions we all ask. But we need to remember, pain makes us strong. We are not alone. God will guide us all the way.



For you, what is motherhood?
How can you say if you are a good or a bad mother?
How will you be a true mother to your child?
What is the true meaning of being a mother?
Is it all about the money?
The capacity to give all your baby’s wants and needs?
Is it about how much effort and love you can give?
How much time you can share with your child?
Can it be measure by what other see or thinks?
Is a mother not entitled to have social and quality time for herself because she is already a mother?
These are some questions of a person who is a mother, a first time mother and a mother to be.
But how will you answer all of this?
I just want to share my thoughts of being a mother.
For me, saying that you are a mother is not measurable by these questions.
Motherhood is a choice. Being a mother is a choice of every woman.
Once you are a mother, you have to think of your child’s future and how he/she will grow to be a good person.
Being a mother doesn’t need another person to be perfect.
Imperfections also make a person to be the best mother.
If some people will question you on how you teach your children, don’t mind them.
Every person has their own way on how will they teach their children to grow up a better person.
So is being a mother, a first time mother and a mother to be bothers you?
Don’t think about it J
Just live your to the fullest and make your everyday life happy.
BUT don’t forget to include your child in every decision you will make.
Love him/her unconditionally.
Having a child is the greatest gift a person could have.
Nothing more nothing less J
Love your children and they will love you back unconditionally.